Nights Nothings

It was the night in my blood: open dreaming night...

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'Nights Nothings' is a Snape/Harry series co-authored by atrata (Harry) and switchknife (Severus).

Summary: It's Harry's third Christmas at Hogwarts, and Sirius Black is on the loose. But is he the only enemy Hogwarts may be hiding? Harry pins his suspicions on Snape, but soon discovers that he's got a lot to learn...

Notes: This is an alternate universe based on The Prisoner of Azkaban. The timelines split as soon as the Christmas break begins.

Rating: Adult. Please do not read this story unless you are over 18.

Warnings: Sexual content, underaged sex and mild violence. Spoilers for HBP.

Chapters: An index of all the chapters can be found here.

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended by the authors of this story. All characters from the Harry Potter universe belong to J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing, Scholastic Inc., AOL/Time Warner and associated companies. No offence, legal or otherwise, is intended by the online publication of this story. Neither is profit. Make love, not lawsuits!

Title: The title is taken from Carl Sandburg's wonderful poem, 'Nights Nothings Again'.

I have wanted kisses my heart stuttered at asking,
I have pounded at useless doors and called my people fools.
I have staggered alone in a winter dark making mumble songs
to the sting of a blizzard that clutched and swore.
It was the night in my blood:
  open dreaming night,
  night of tireless sheet-steel blue:
The hands of God washing something,
  feet of God walking somewhere.
- Carl Sandburg, 'Nights Nothings Again'

Click here for the full text of Sandburg's poem.

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